ONEPlanET Project

The Stockholm Environment Institute

The Stockholm Environment Institute is an international non-profit research and policy organization that tackles environment and development challenges by connecting science and decision-making to develop solutions for a sustainable future for all.

SEI work spans climate, water, air and land-use issues, governance, the economy, gender and health. Stakeholder involvement is at the heart of SEI efforts to build capacity, strengthen institutions and equip partners for long-term change. SEI knowledge and findings are accessible to decision-makers and civil society: as its own open access material, in leading academic journals, and repackaged for effective decision support. To promote debate and share knowledge SEI convenes decision-makers, academics and practitioners and engages with policy processes, development action and business practice worldwide.


Contribution to ONEPlanET:

  • A web-based Open-Source (OS) System Dynamic Nexus model/Toolkit 
  • Interactive online training videos (MOOCs), webinars involving African universities, and exchange/training program
  • Social media awareness campaigns, interactive videos, open access papers and infographics, conferences participations and AU Policy Briefs.
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