ONEPlanET Project


CARTIF is a leading Spanish Applied Research Centre in terms of R&D and technology transfer activities. Legally established as a Foundation (private non-profit research centre), our main goals are to identify technology needs and develop R&D-based knowledge, to support technological innovation in industry, mainly among SMEs and to disseminate R&D and innovation results. 

CARTIF is a multidisciplinary centre that works in multiple knowledge fields focused to many economic sectors: energy, food, industry, construction and infrastructures, health or environment. Nowadays, CARTIF employs 185 people, mainly engineers, scientists and senior researchers working in three technical divisions, including the Energy Division involved in ONEPlanET Project.

CARTIF develops R&D projects financed by private companies or through public funds obtained from competitive calls at national and international level. CARTIF also supports public entities (city councils, regional governments…) on high impact projects planning and development. In 2022, CARTIF is participating in 74 ongoing international projects (and 10 more in negotiation phase), including 67 HORIZON EUROPE/H2020 projects (17 as coordinator), 4 LIFE projects (1 as coordinator), 2 POCTEP projects and 1 CYTED project.

CARTIF is a very active member of the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA – FoF PPP), the European Association for Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (A.SPIRE – SPIRE PPP), the Big Data Value Association (BDVA – Big Data Value PPP), EURobotics (SPARK PPP on Robotics) and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC – BBI, Bio-Based Industries PPP), among other EU associations and initiatives.


Contribution to ONEPlanET:

  • Definition of a common modelling framework.
  • Modelling water-energy-food interlinkages with other sectors &domains such as climate, environment or society .
  • Co-design the user experience of the ONEPlanET ICT tools
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