ONEPlanET Project

ONEPlanET at the Cyprus Institute’s 2024 sCYence Fair!

The ONEPlanET team in Cyprus, led by Natalie Kafantari and Constantinos Kritiotis, recently participated in the Cyprus Institute’s 2024 sYCence Fair. Their booth experience was nothing short of captivating, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement.


Bridging Science and Fun
At the heart of their exhibit was an interactive game centered around the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus. By combining science and entertainment, ONEPlanET successfully engaged minds of all ages. Here’s how it unfolded:


The Challenge
Participants engaged in the challenge, sorting through 54 solution cards to tackle pressing environmental issues. With each card representing a unique solution, tool, or application, the game encouraged us to think about sustainability in our daily lives. As stickers were placed on the board to indicate whether the solutions were sustainable or unsustainable, a collective awareness of our impact on the environment emerged.


Collaboration and Innovation
The event emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in tackling global challenges. ONEPlanET seizes the opportunity to inspire change and start conversations about creating a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference!

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