ONEPlanET Project

Stakeholder Workshop in Bougouni, Mali

ONEPlanET will host a transformative Stakeholder Workshop in Bougouni, Mali, from December 6th to 7th, 2023. This event is a unique opportunity for policymakers within the stakeholder community to converge and engage in discussions surrounding viable Nexus policies for implementation models. The focus will be on designing energy planning and supply scenarios, steering us towards a more resilient future.

At the core of this workshop is the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus, with the objective of gathering valuable insights on existing policies related to water, energy, and food (WEF) in Mali. Additionally, the discussion will extend to encompass regional and continental policies that directly impact Mali.

Date: 6th – 7th, December.
Time: 9hrs – 17hrs GMT.
Location: Bougouni, Mali.

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